Don't Fear Stepping into Your Calling

Posted on September 13, 2017 at 3:40 AM

Don’t be afraid to step into your calling. The biggest mistake we make in life is running from what lives in our heart. One of my biggest fears is accomplishing all of my dreams—yet it is what provides me with the greatest strength. Every dream needs someone to accomplish it, including yours. Sometimes we focus on what the world says we’re capable of instead of just believing in our talents and journey. The moment we focus on the world’s perception of where we should be in our lives we forfeit the right to our imagination. Our imagination is what drives our dreams—it’s that superhuman voice in the back of our minds that encourages us to take that leap of faith. We’ve all heard them before. Can you remember the last time you wanted to give up on one of your aspirations, then the moment you were about to submit to that thought a voice says—keep going, you can do. That voice is a part of our imagination that originates in the atmosphere. One thing I want you to understand is that when you wholeheartedly chase your dreams the universe will conspire to assist you. Don’t believe me? Give your dreams all that you have. I mean completely 100% of you. Be discipline, shut off the partying, and really focus. The moment you feel your back is against the wall, the atmosphere will take over. Why? Because as I stated in my book Lost Souls—the energy you give to the atmosphere is given back to you in the same energy that you applied it. You mustn’t quit! You must believe in your calling. If you have a vision, understand that no one can see that vision but you—and no matter if it takes you a day or a year that it’s your vision and no one can take it from you. Be encouraged and step into your calling. Some of the greatest figures in the world will tell you that to accomplish their dreams; it took an extraordinary amount of energy and determination. It took many sleepless nights and a work-ethic that the average human-being couldn’t even begin to fathom. Remember to stay focused and never give up. You’re closer today then you were yesterday.

Keep transcending,


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